Git with less typing


This is the online command reference for gg. You can also access this reference by using the gg help command on your machine.

Global Options

-git path
path to git executable
log git invocations
display version information

Basic Commands

gg add
add the specified files on the next commit
gg addremove
add all new files, delete all missing files
gg branch
list or manage branches
gg clone
make a copy of an existing repository
gg commit
commit the specified files or all outstanding changes
gg diff
diff repository (or selected files)
gg identify
identify the working directory or specified revision
gg init
create a new repository in the given directory
gg log
show revision history of entire repository or files
gg merge
merge another revision into working directory
gg pull
pull changes from the specified source
gg push
push changes to the specified destination
gg remove
remove the specified files on the next commit
gg requestpull
create a GitHub pull request
gg revert
restore files to their checkout state
gg status
show changed files in the working directory
gg update
update working directory (or switch revisions)

Advanced Commands

gg backout
reverse effect of an earlier commit
gg evolve
sync with Gerrit changes in upstream
gg gerrithook
install or uninstall Gerrit change ID hook
gg github-login
log into GitHub
gg histedit
interactively edit revision history
gg mail
creates or updates a Gerrit change
gg rebase
move revision (and descendants) to a different branch
gg upstream
query or set upstream branch